Emacs packages to work with Markdown and Jekyll.

Table of Contents

Emacs packages installation

Adding melpa repository of packages in .emacs

(require 'package)
(add-to-list 'package-archives '("melpa" . "http://melpa.org/packages/"))

Get the list of available packages for install:

M-x packages-list-packages

Paradox list packages

paradox is a modern Packages Menu. Colored, with package ratings, and customizable.

Get the list of available packages with paradox:

M-x paradox-list-packages

Inside paradox list, to sort packages by rating, type: S*

Packages related with markdown syntax:

markdown-mode – Major mode for Markdown-formatted text

Markdown mode defined in `markdown-mode.el’: Major mode for editing Markdown files.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode text-mode' might have run, this mode runs the hook markdown-mode-hook’, as the final step during initialization.


Major modes (markdown and HTML) for authoring Jekyll content


A simple TOC generator for markdown file

markdown-toc is an installed package.

     Status: Installed from melpa -- [Install]
    Archive: melpa
    Version: 20170224.2350
   Requires: s-1.9.0, dash-2.11.0, markdown-mode-2.1
    Summary: A simple TOC generator for markdown file
    Other versions: 20170224.2350 (installed).

Generate a TOC from a markdown file: M-x markdown-toc-generate-toc
This will compute the TOC at insert it at current position.
Update existing TOC: C-u M-x markdown-toc-generate-toc


export a markdown file automatically when you save an org-file


Convert commentary section of elisp files to markdown.


On the fly markdown preview


Render markdown using the Github api


Html As Markdown. Transparently edit an html file using markdown


HTML to Markdown converter written in Emacs-lisp.


Edit markdown code block in a separate buffer


Edit markdown code block in a separate buffer


extra functions for markdown-mode


Realtime preview by eww


markdown realtime preview minor mode.


Format markdown using markdownfmt