About me

I’m an expert PHP programmer and GNU/Linux system administrator from Argentina. Currently I work as freelancer in upwork.com for several customers. In the past 8 years I’ve been working in lots web development projects. I have experience with SugarCRM, Symfony 1.4 and Symfony 2, Kohana, and similar php frameworks. CMS: WordPress and Joomla. I have developed WordPress plugins and custom themes. Languages: PHP, Python, Javascript. jquery, jquery-ui

I have developed several e-commerce sites, and working as sys admin I have secured those sites to be compliant with PCI industry. Installed Linux email servers with postfix and exim4. Firewalls with iptables, and tunning of apache and mysql for optimal operation.

Also I have a good background in Object Oriented Programming and Databases from my years in the University.

I’m an open source enthusiast and I use Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Debian operating systems at my desktop PC to perform daily tasks.

If you have any questions about the content on this site, please use the form below to contact me. Please note, however, that this is a personal website. As such, only personal correspondence will be accepted through this form. If you are contacting me about business matters, please contact me through upwork.com.

Sebastián Emilio Narváez


Es un sitio, una herramienta, para fomentar el libre intercambio de informacion e ideas entre sus usuarios/lectores. El enfoque del blog esta orientado sobre todo a difundir el uso de tecnologias de software libre, ya sea explicando su instalacion, comparando herramientas, contando anecdotas diarias, etc.

Estan invitados a participar escribiendo un articulo/anecdota, comentando un articulo previo, o haciendo una pregunta o sugerencia. Los espero…

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta o sugerencia sobre el contenido de este sitio o la tematica relacionada, por favor use el formulario de los comentarios de mas abajo. Por favor note, sin embargo, que este es un sitio web personal. Como tal, solo correspondencia personal sera aceptada a traves de este formulario. Si necesita contactarme por asuntos de negocios o propuestas laborales, por favor contacteme a traves de upwork.com.


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