Blogging tips


1 Introduction

My favorite excuse for not blogging: "It takes too much time to write".

I found this answer "Make sharing part of the way you work" makes perfect sense.

The problem then is how to make blogging part of your daily workflow. For me, as I spent most part of the day working with a text editor, I discovered that is much easy to just grab little snippets of code or ideas and copy&paste in another buffer of the text editor. This has the advantage that I don't have to interrupt the workflow of what I'm doing. At the end of the day I simply export the contents of the text file (org-mode) to html, and then I synchronize the content with the web server with a single command (rsync or git). I found this workflow much more convenient than opening a browser, login into my wordpress site and copy&paste content. Previously I spent much time formating content, and getting distracted. Now I simply write in a text file, and sync at the end of the day.

2 A No-Excuses guide to Blogging (by Sacha Chua)

2.1 I don't know what to write about

  • Write about what you don't know
  • Write about what you are learning
  • Find tons of topics
  • Deal with writer's block

2.2 There's so much I can't write about

  • Focus on what you can

2.3 But I'm not an expert yet

  • Share while you learn

2.4 I don't want to be wrong

  • Test what you know by sharing

2.5 I feel so scattered and distracted

  • Don't worry about your strategy
  • It is okay to write about different things.
  • Plan, write, organize and improve

2.6 I have all these ideas but I neve finish posts …

  • Turn your ideas into small questions, and then answer those

2.7 I don't feel like I'm making progress

  • Be clear about your goals and possible approaches

2.8 It takes too much time to write

  • Make sharing part of the way you work

2.9 I'm too tired to write

  • Figure out what you can write better when you're tired

2.10 No one's going to read it anyway

  • Focus on selfish benefits
  • Ask for feedback
  • Get other people to read your posts

3 Getting good ideas out of your head: a path to publishing

3.1 Harvest the resources you alrady have

  • check your sent email. Copy & revise

3.2 Brainstorm or collect questions

  • what do people ask you about?
  • What have your learned?

3.3 Answer, revise

  • Answer one question. Then the next, and the next …

3.4 Organize

  • Put the resources in a logical order

3.5 Connect with people

  • Connect with others, learning and sharing ideas

3.6 Package

  • e-book, different formats for easier reading

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Created: 2019-10-12 Sat 22:16

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