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HI FRIEND. Welcome to our page. We (Mabel and Sebastian) dedicate this post to all of our friends. Aqui iremos publicando fotos de amigos y las nuestras tambien. Tips sobre Language Exchange y practicar un poco el idioma ingles.

This is an old page that now I turned into a post. As I promissed, I have added now functionality to the page so all friends can upload his/her own pictures, lyrics, poems, etc. Thanks to all to participate. I hope you enjoy the new functionality of the page.

In the language exchange section, you can post questions about english/spanish, book reviews, place an anouncement or apointment to do a VoIP conference with our friends, etc.

Just add a new post, it’s easy, don’t by shy.

Messages to our friends:

Yael nos cuenta:

Hablar en Ingles

El otro día en el trabajo hablaba con Sebastián sobre el comentario que dejó, en inglés. Luego de algunos comentarios me dice: “es que… hablar en inglés ¡Es Muy Cool!”, y realmente tiene razón!

Quizá hablando con algún amigo, o en alguna conversación con anglosajones, siempre hay alguna oportunidad para dejar salir un comentario o alguna frase (de algún capítulo de alguna serie) en inglés.

Pensando un poco más (a fondo) muchas personas sienten una especie de vergüenza al hablar en inglés, quizás no hablando en un inglés “argentinizado”, pero sí pronunciando correctamente las palabras, los tonos, etc.

¿Les pasará también a los anglosajones intentando hablar español?

Sebastian says: –>
Hi Zoe, I was waiting for you to come to my site.
I hope you enjoy. Here, you can ask me any question about Spanish or Computers. Or you can make any corrections or suggestions.

Jeff, I m glad that you enjoy the photos. 2006 04 10 Now that you have tasted firefox, you have begun your journey to open source. Don’t stop there… continue by downloading and installing OpenOffice. (http://download.openoffice.org/2.0.0/ ) Yes, you can open MS documents with OpenOffice too. Just give it a try. Anyway it’s free, and if you later don’t like it, you can uninstall, and that’s all.

Diego, bueno espero las fotos que me prometiste. 2006 04 10 Sigo esperando las fotos … 2006 04 27 Diego, todavia sigo esperando las fotos … 2006 08 25

Damian, pronto voy a publicar las fotos de tus mascotas 2006 04 21 Ya publique las fotos. Gracias por colaborar. 2006 04 27

============================================== Finally, the pictures (you can click any picture to enlarge): ==============================================

Pictures of our friends: Kellee and Teia are the first friends that send us pictures !!!

Kellee, you and your daugther are beautiful women. Thanks for the photo. Kevin, you are a lucky man. 2006 04 21

Kelly and Teia Kellee and her daughet Teia

Teia, Nice to meet you !!! 2006 04 23 Teia is happy Teia is happy

================================================= Mike, As you can see, i keep my promise about publish my pictures.

Here is the favorite Mike’s pet (click image to enlarge ) The favorite Mike's pet


Damian’s pets (He is a shy guy and don’t want to be in the net but at least he send us pictures of his pets. Thanks Damian. )

Milu Milu, Damian's pet

Milu Milu, Damian's pet

Felipa Felipa, Damian's pet

Felipa 2 Felipa, Damian's pet


Valeri has send us picutres of places in her neighborhood. Nice pictures, almost high resolution postal cards. Valeri, It seems that you have a very good digital camera !!!

Parque de St. Nicolas ahora, en la primeravera (click image to enlarge )

St Nicolas

Una foto de la entrada del subte. (click image to enlarge) Subway entrance

============================================== Finally, pictures of my wife (Mabel) and me (Sebastian):

Mabel y Sebastian. True love. Mabel y Sebastian

Our Children. Ohh, look this nice babies. Our children

Mabel y sus gatitos Mabel y sus gatitos

Mabel in a excursion with their students Our children

Here, you can see a parrot drinking our traditional drink, “mate”. The picture is from a student of Mabel. Parrot drinking mate

No, it’s not a dog, it’s a little pony !!!! It's not a dog !

More pictures coming soon …

Please, I encourage to all my friends to post his/her pictures. This site will be nicer if all of us participate. Don’t be shy !!!

My mail address: snarvaezsoft at gmail dot com

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