Well, it´s my second distro review.  In this review , we´ll see the chinese Linux Deepin 2013 , the  “koolest-linux-distro I´ve seen :)” .

Remember my distro-parameters :

  1. It must be “user friendly “

  2. It must be ” easy to install”

  3. It must have ” an excelent desktop enviroment”

  4. It must be ” easy-to- customize”

  5. It must have “a lot of apps”

  6. Recently I prefer “debian/ubuntu- based” distros .

  7. It must be “working-out-of-the-box”

Instalation process :

I made the usual process  : I downloaded the ISO image . Nex I add some links to download it.



Also the homepage link


I used “USB Image Writer” to write the ISO to an usb drive.

I installed this OS in a notebook  Intel Core I5 with 4GB ram in a 500 GB hdd , because I have decided to replace Linux Mint 16 with Linux Deepin

And you will know why :)

The instalation process is very simple and friendly. Select your country, your keyboard. Choose your partitioning  type. In my case , I used all space in the hard disk.

User and password  and Reboot. For a unknown issue , in serveral times i could not restart , some was bad with grub . But finally the installation was successfull.

OS Description

The Deepins objetive is “to be an user-friendly out-of-the box distro ” and  makes it good!

The login screen is beautifull, and the desktop is very nice, comfortable and functional.

Deeping is an ubuntu-derivated distro so you will find it very familiar. It supports two languages : Chinese and English . Other languages are in translation process.



Here is where the magic begins

deepin desktop2

Deeping has a very good performance. The faenza-like icons are nice. it has two gadges (time and wheater ) (wheather has a bug solutionated with an upgrade)

The taskbar is also original,  beautifull and functional, you´ll have some fixed icons at the left , and right next to them your new tasks.

When you click the “start deepin buton” you will get a full screen with sections and all programs.


Deepin has its own appstore , it is full of apps .

Deepin App store

It has usefull software installed out-of-the-box like:  Brasero, Flash, Firefox, Chrome (not chromium) Image and document viewer…

Libreoffice , pidgin ,Remmina, skype ,thunderbird, gedit etc.

But also has its own software : Dmusic ( a kool music player ) , Dplayer (a kool mediaplayer) ,Deeping gamecenter (you can play inside this game store) , Deepin screenshot ( a tool for screenshots), Deepin terminal .



But you will need to learn Chinese if you want understand the GameCenter :) But you can play anyway.

And the Kingsoft Office suite: A nice suite with a modern MSoffice-likmenu .

You can play videos and music fine , because deeping has codecs preinstalled.


I love it. I have installed it on two notebooks. It is user-friendly out-of-the-box

Some little bugs, but a great user-oriented distro.The deepin´s team makes it very good!

My calification

  1. Easy Instalation : 8
  2. LoginScr:10
  3. Performance : 9
  4. GUI : 10
  5. User friendly: 10
  6. Customization: 7
  7. I Like it: 10
  8. AppAmount:7
  9. Out-of-the-box: 10

Total: 9

  • Live boot: yes
  • Language Support: English , Chinese
  • Desktop : Deeping Desktop Environment
  • Browser: Firefox , Google Chrome
  • Based on: Ubuntu 13.10